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Since, insertion of the year 1986, the Company of Karamsar has pioneered in the art of Manufacturing Poultry Appliances in India. The Company is manufacturing Best Quality, Fully Automatic Incubators and supplying all over the India and exporting Nepal, Bangladesh, Oman, africa, Srilanka and U.A.E. Karamsar's Machines enjoys the most desireable status of providing best value for Money for all the equipments of Hatchery's Business.
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Egg Hatch Series

Easy to Operate Rack-in-Wall Setter-Having Outside Turning System
. Accurate
. Easy to Maintain
. Suitable for every water
. For more % Hatchability
. More Durable
. Maintenance Free

Chickman Series (Setter)

- Cabinet Construction - Highly Durable. - Designed with extensive use of food grade material, including many Stainless Steel for internal components. - Independent Electric turning systems for Setter compartments.

Chickman Series (Hatcher)

Choice of Capacities - Possesses all internal components for the safety of food materials - Floor space free from obstacles for easy cleaning - Provides excellent ventilation for eggs and chicks - Steel Trolly, Light, in weight but Robust.

Setter-cum-Hatcher Machines

Setter-cum-Hatcher machines Pressed Laminated Panel, Independent Turning systemIn Each Compartment Low Power ConsumptionSmall Setter-cum-hatcher Machines Specially Mode For Emu, Pheasant, Quails, Duck, Peacock, and others Birds

Our Product

Hatchability is more than mere fertility. It is a combination of two factors, fertility and viability, the strength of spark of life. The first essential to maximum hatchability is the quality of egg itself. Egg quality is first determined in the flock by:-