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Our Company Profile

Since, insertion of the year 1986, the Company of Karamsar has pioneered in the art of Manufacturing Poultry Appliances in India. The Company is manufacturing Best Quality, Fully Automatic Incubators and supplying all over the India and exporting Nepal, Bangladesh, Oman, africa, Srilanka and U.A.E. Karamsar's Machines enjoys the most desireable status of providing best value for Money for all the equipments of Hatchery's Business. We assure that we can offer, One of the Most Advance Range of Setters and its associate Equipments which are normally available and after using these and adapting the latest Technology for the best result in the Poultry Industry. All adjustable parameters such as temperature (either Celsius or Fahrenheit), relative humidity, fan speed or exhaust air flap position can be set up in three quick steps without getting lost in a complicated menu. During operation all status messages, the current status of heating, ventilation and air flap position as well as time and alarm signals are visible simultaneously. Wherever Memmert ovens and heating baths are used, the superiority of high-quality stainless steel can be seen compared to coated sheet steel, which can corrode very quickly when in constant use.

Karamsa's Products are such designed to be long lasting and energy efficient. Since, 1986, Karamsar developed into a Highly Professional Team and Each Member of Karamsar, is properly qualified and experienced for his job. However, Karamsar is still very much a family business devoted for the production of Poultry Incubator of Fine Quality to recover the money. Karamsar's company, provide, best possible and satisfactory services to their customers.

Why US

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading and renowned manufacturer of Setters, Hatchers, Debeakers, Vaccinator's and other poultry equipments with the Trade mark of KARAMSAR. At the very outset, we wish that God May Grant Prosperity to your business. Further, suppose you want to extend your business and want to purchase Setters/Hatchers etc. for your Hatchery then we would suggest you to purchase our Branded Make, Standard Quality Setters/ Hatchers for your Hatchery, so that you can get more and more Hatchability from the machines.

Our Product

Hatchability is more than mere fertility. It is a combination of two factors, fertility and viability, the strength of spark of life. The first essential to maximum hatchability is the quality of egg itself. Egg quality is first determined in the flock by:-